Who is Lo?

I realized that I couldn't let this go without properly introducing myself. Hey y'all, I'm Lo! 

I've recently moved to Boston, MA from Florida where I sang with and directed Florida State University's only all-female group, AcaBelles and let's be honest, I moved to Boston for a boy. But I haven't regretted it since! I currently spend my a cappella time as the CASA Ambassador for the Boston area, a commissioned arranger, a singer and founder of the all-female pro a cappella group Musae, and as a producer and consultant for The Vocal Company, an a cappella production company lead by Mark Hines and Nick Lyons.

I like to think that my feelings and ideas towards contemporary a cappella come from a mish mosh of things in my life. I attended performing arts schools for middle and high school, I have been studying classical voice since age 11, I was entrenched in a very rich choral education, my experience in AcaBelles and directing the group, and just constantly listening and learning to music, other musicians, and definitely the "a cappella elite". 

Why did I start this blog? So much of contemporary a cappella is discussed from group management to the recording process to arranging, but the one thing we all do seems to always fall to the wayside...singing. I don't think actual singing or group technique is discussed enough and figured I start the forum to discuss it, understand it, and discover it.